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K9 Dogs - Anti Poaching Dogs

Anti Poaching Dogs

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Anti-Poaching Dogs, the protectors of wild life

Anti-Poaching Dogs from Randy Police Dogs are dogs trained to protect nature and it's inhabitants against poachers illegally hunting and capturing wild animals. There are basically two types of Anti-Poaching dogs:

To bite or not to bite

We can teach them to only track down poachers or we can train them to track down poachers and bite them when necessary or protect the handler. It takes a different breed for different tasks. 

  • When they only need to track down the handler breeds used are: The Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, German Shepherd but also hunting breeds like Labrador, Visla, Pointer, Spaniels etc.
  • When they need to protect the handler as well we only use Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds and German Shepherds.

Dogs with special skills 

Randy Police Dogs are trained with special skills. They are ready for anti-poaching tasks. These task requires special dogtraining. But not only that. Both dog and handler have to be prepared. For example, specialized dogtraining for:

  • Parachuting Anti-Poaching Dogs and handlers who are trained to free fall together
  • Dogs searching for cut or broken fences 
  • Dogs searching for irregular human tracks
  • Dogs searching for camp sites

Dogs who track poachers and find snares

But there is more...

  • These dogs are trained to search very large areas looking for snares, bush meat, firearms and poachers.
  • These dogs can search at night when human trackers cannot track due to lack of visibility.
  • By using Ant-Poaching Dogs wildlife is saved because these dogs found the snares before they did.
  • These dogs can easily outsmart very skilled poachers using advanced counter-trackig techniques

Anti-Poaching Dogs in South Africa

Poaching is becomming more of a threat each day in Africa. In Zinbabwe, elephant poaching is a rising threat. Organisations like "Save the Elephant" decided to deploy tracking dogs succesfully. But before these dogs are of any use they need to be trained for this very specific task. African Poachers are not always easy to track. They are often one step ahead of the anti-poaching team. Also, the areas they could be hiding in are often very large and of mixed terrain. An Anti-Poaching Dog should not show any signs of fear and should have a huge prey drive. Poachers need to be tracked down and handed over to the regional jurisdiction.

Feel free to contact Randy Police Dogs anytime 

Anti-Poaching Dogs who can assist an anti-poaching team are available through Randy Police Dogs. We understand that you might have several questions about these highly specialized dogs. Please, feel free to contact us any time. We are more than happy to answer you questions and inform you on the multiple possibilities. 

Call +31 6 10 88 20 67 or leave us a message and we will get back to you a.s.a.p.

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