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KNPV Dutch Shepherd

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What is a KNPV Dutch shepherd?

The Dutch Shepherd with it's brindle colour comes in three variaties: short coat, long coat and rough coat. The short coat and the long coat come in gold or silver brindle. The rough coat can come in gold and silver brindle and in salt and pepper. There are FCI Dutch Shepherds and non-FCI Dutch Shepherds. Most KNPV Dutch Shepherds are a mix with a Belgian Malinois. KNPV trainers don't mind the pedigree. They are only interested in the characteristics. The dogs should be suitable for the job. Should have a strong solid bite and should be very eager to search and retrieve. They should be brave and fearless no matter the circumstances and should be very eager to fullfil their tasks. 

Hollandse Herder, the Dutch name for Dutch Shepherd

Because of World War I and World War II the Dutch Shepherd was under thread. There were hardly enough to keep on breeding with fresh lines. This is why they first mixed them with the Malinois Shepherd, the Belgian Shepherd with similar temperament and characteristics. More than with any of the other shepherds there is a strong division between two types of Dutch Shepherds:

  • The FCI registered Dutch Shepherd - Bred mostly for FCI standard 
  • The KNPV Dutch Shepherd - Bred mostly as working dogs

The Royal Dutch Police Dog Association (KNPV)

The KNPV Dutch Shepherd is the most commonly used Dutch Shepherd in the training program of The Royal Dutch Police Dog Association or De Koninklijke Nederlandse Politiehonden Vereniging (KNPV). There are many examples of great Dutch Shepherds who exceeded and won great prizes. It is for this reason that together with the KNPV Malinois they are so popular both as a sport dog and a working dog.

Slightly calmer but with a similar drive

Still not sure what dog suits you best? It is said that the Dutch shepherd is slightly calmer than the Malinois but has a similar drive to work for the handler. But in the end it comes down to the characteristics of the individual dog. That is why buying the right dog for your job is so difficult. You need to know what is expected of the dog and you need to know the dog and it's bloodlines well enough to be able to predict future behaviour. But don't underestimate the dog's training.

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