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K9 Dogs - K9 Protection Dogs

Protection Dogs

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When your safety is at stake

Protection Dogs must be overly protective. They should have a full bite and need not be afraid of anything. Depending on their task they have to be social as well. Randy Police Dogs specializes in 4 types of Protection Dogs:

Protection Dogs are here to protect us

Protection Dogs always need to be social to the handler. It is a misunderstanding to think Protection Dogs are agressive and unsocialized. Instead, they are trained to bite on command only or when a stranger enters the territory without permission. No matter what happens they cannot be scared but have to respond according to former training.

They know when and how to bite

Dogs used for protection are protective by nature. They are bred to be like this. Even when little puppy's they show some protectiveness in their litter. When they get older we train them when and how to bite. Protection Dogs are usually trained to bite after they have been given a command. However biting without a command can be a necessary skill too. They need to bite well on an IPO sleeve, a (KNPV) bite suit and bite civil when the attacker does not wear a protective sleeve or suit. 

Full control over your Protection Dog

Protection Dogs can be pretty dangerous at times. A bite can cause a lot of damage. For this reason alone we do not want these dogs to think for themselves and make up their mind on when to bite. We want them to be under full control of the handler. It should attack only when permission is given. And at the same time it should also stop on command. This is why having full control over the dog is an essential part of training. 

No matter what the circumstances are

First we train the dogs at the Randy Police Dogs Training Centre in the Netherlands. Then we take them out and familiarize them with different surroundings. Loud noises and a lot of distractions in various areas. Last but not least we teach you how to handle this well-trained dog to be sure you and your dog become an inseperable team. Only then can we be sure you will have the Protection Dog needed in your situation.

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Randy Police Dogs - YOUR #1 PROVIDER

Randy Police Dogs is a Police Dog Centre located in the Netherlands. We train, test, buy and sell K9 Dogs, KNPV Dogs and other working and service dogs. We always have high quality dogs on stock. No matter what type of dog you are looking for we can provide you the perfect dog for your specific needs.