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KNPV German Shepherd

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What is a KNPV German Shepherd Dog?

A KNPV German Shepherd is a working German Shepherd Dog (GSD) trained according to the KNPV programme. KNPV is one of the most challenging and well-respected dog sports in the world. It originates in The Netherlands, Holland and it is the closest to the real protection work. 

The best dogs ever after 2 to 3 years of training

Training usually takes between two and three years to complete. It requires a dog that is intelligent, loyal and social. KNPV dogs need to be hard dogs with strong nerves. They will be tested and trained to the max and they should be able to endure all kinds of real-life threads while doing their job. 

Only a few K9 German Shepherds make it until PH1 

A German Shepherd dog with a KNPV PH1 title is relatively rare. Their build and inbred characteristics are often less fit for the job. This is why KNPV Malinois Shepherds and KNPV Dutch Shepherds are much preferred over KNPV German Shepherds. Still an estimated 5 GSD dogs make it until the PH1 (Politiehond 1) certificate each year.

Randy Police Dogs at the National Championship

Randy van de Wijngaard, owner at Randy Police Dogs, is one of the top KNPV dogtrainers. He and his dog Millow did really well at the KNPV National Championship in 2016. He really knows how to train a police dog and he knows what a dog should be able to perform. If there is anyone who knows what dog suits your needs, whether a German Shepherd or any of the other shepherds, it is Randy.

Randy is happy to answer your questions. Feel free to contact him 

Randy Police Dogs - YOUR #1 PROVIDER

Randy Police Dogs is a Police Dog Centre located in the Netherlands. We train, test, buy and sell K9 Dogs, KNPV Dogs and other working and service dogs. We always have high quality dogs on stock. No matter what type of dog you are looking for we can provide you the perfect dog for your specific needs.