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K9 Dogs - Security Dogs

Security Dogs

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Protection dogs trained to defend

Security Dogs are Protection Dogs with one single purpose. They are trained to perform one single task at the highest level. These dogs are trained to defend their owner and his property. They are experienced biters and know when and how to bite to make sure they are protected.

Do barking Security Dogs bite? 

People often ask if a barking dog bites. There is no one answer to this question. Security Dogs can be divided into two types:

  • Guard Dogs - Bark loudly and attack and restrain the intruder by biting
  • Watch Dogs - Bark loudly and alert owner and scare away the intruder but does not bite

Some smaller breeds (such as Keeshond and Tibetan Terrier) are excellent watch dogs. They bark loudly to alert their owner. But they are not suitable as a guard dog because they are physically small and lack biting skills.

Biting Dogs are highly effective protectors

Guardian breeds do not continue barking. They will take action and bite if necessary. At our training centre we teach them when to bite and when not to bite. For example, we can teach these dogs only to be aggressive towards unrecognized humans. We also teach them where to bite (Arm, leg etc.) and train them to hold on and not let go until the handler arrives.

Both Single Purpose and Dual Purpose Dogs

Not all Security Dogs are Single Purpose Dogs. Some are trained for Narcotic Detection or Explosive Detection as well. They can be Malinois Shepherds (A type of Belgian Shepherd), Dutch Shepherds or German Shepherds. Depending on the specific tasks they need to be able to perform and the circumstances under which they take place. We are more than happy to advise you.

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