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Procurement Police Dogs

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We are looking for Protection and Detection Dogs

Do you have a working dog you want to sell? A dog that is well trained and has all the necessary characteristics. We are continuously looking for qualified dogs that fit the needs of our customers. Most of our dogs are bought locally in Holland, Germany, Belgium and Eastern Europe. It is important those dogs have the following qualities:

• Not being afraid of anything and able to recover quickly from any stressfull situation
• Showing social behaviour towards humans and other animals
• Having a real intense play- and balldrive

Types of police dogs that fit the description

We are looking for working dogs who are willing to bite well on an IPO-sleeve and/or a KNPV-suit. We are always looking for (young) KNPV and IPO titled GSD's, Malinois and Dutch Shepherds (FCI pedigree not required). These breeds of dogs have the highest chance of being suitable for the job.

X-rayed on hips, back and elbows

All dogs we acquire will be medically examined at our expense by an officially recognized veterinarian with experience with working dogs. Including x-rays of hips, back and elbows. Dogs we acquire may be between 10 months and 3,5 years of age.

Clinical inspection of police dogs

All our dogs are subject to an elaborate clinical inspection by official recognized vets. It is our standard to deliver dogs with:

• X-rays
• Microchip
• International passport and health certificate
• Rabies vaccination
• Kennel cough vaccination
• Cocktail vaccination

We are happy to provide extra services upon request.

Transportation Police Dogs

We work with external specialists on the areas of transportation, required documentation and customs regulation. These partnerships facilitate the best conditions for transportation of our dogs all over the world.

Randy Police Dogs: Guaranteed satisfaction

We have a money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied. Upon every sold dog we provide a standard 1-year medical warranty and a 30-day workability guarantee.

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Randy Police Dogs - YOUR #1 PROVIDER

Randy Police Dogs is a Police Dog Centre located in the Netherlands. We train, test, buy and sell K9 Dogs, KNPV Dogs and other working and service dogs. We always have high quality dogs on stock. No matter what type of dog you are looking for we can provide you the perfect dog for your specific needs.