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K9 Dogs - SAR

Search & Rescue Dogs

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SAR Dogs - Search & Rescue Dogs

Randy Police Dogs Search & Rescue Dogs are highly social dogs. They have been trained to search for missing persons under different conditions and in different environments. We sell both air-scenting dogs who search for a specific scent and trailing and tracking dogs who follow a track until they find what they are looking for. These trained K9 dogs can be classified according to whether they scent discriminate and under what conditions they can work. SAR dogs can be trained specifically for rubble searches, for water searches, and for avalanche searches.

search rescue dogs

Two types of Search & Rescue Dogs

Search & Rescue Dogs can be divided into two types:

  • Scent discriminating dogs who alert only on a specific scent. Often the scent from an individual person
  • Non-scent discriminating dogs alert on or follow any scent of a given type. Such as any human scent or any cadaver scent

Air-scenting dogs

Air-scenting dogs primarily use airborne human scent to find their subjects. They typically work off-leash. Most of the time they are non-scent-discriminating. They locate scent from any human as opposed to a specific person and cover large areas of terrain. These dogs are used to following wind-borne scent. Scent that has been blown away by the wind. 

Tracking dogs and Trailing Dogs

Tracking Dogs usually work on leash. Most of the time they have their nose on a track and follow ground disturbances. Randy Police Dogs Tracking Dogs work through a variety of terrain and can successfully handle turns and "double backs" that a subject might take. Trailing Dogs search for the scnet of a specific subject. At the same time it can keep it's head up using some of the air scent. They might go off the actual path the subject has followed. 

Dogs who ignore other search teams

In addition to these types of dogs we also have dogs on offer who can work in an area where airscent dogs are at work. They have been taught to ignore other search teams and other people in or near the search area. They do require a scent article in situations like this. Just like a Trailing Dog.

What do they do once they find the missing person?

First they follow the scent, then they indicate that they have found the missing person. Their are diffirent ways of indicating this. Some bark at the scene. Others return to the handler and lead the handler back to the subject. They have been trained on:

  • Handler technique
  • Different terrains
  • Environment influences (Like vegetation)
  • Atmospheric conditions (Wind, temperature, humidity and sky conditions)

Detection Dogs from Randy Police Dogs

Search & Rescue Dogs are a type of Detection Dogs. Randy Police Dogs offers the most wanted types. All well trained and well socialized. Like:

They are ready for the job on arrival. They have been medically tested and come with our usual services and guarantees. For more information, feel free to contact us.

Search & Rescue Dogs from different breeds

Search & Rescue dogs can be all type of breeds:

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