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K9 Dogs - Detection Dogs

Detection Dogs

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4 Types of Detection dogs

Detection Dogs are dogs who can detect all kinds of things. They are trained to search for a particular scent. Once found they will communicate this very clearly to the handler. The substances they can be taught to find are endless but Randy Police Dogs specializes in 4 types of Detection Dogs:

Never give up searching for a scent

Detection dogs can be all breeds. Both shepherds and hunting breeds. They have a great ball and hunt drive and will not give up. No matter how hard to find the scent searching for, the dog will continue until it has found what it is looking for. These dogs have a genetic predisposition to these characteristics and at the same time they know that a reward will follow once they have found the scent.

Single Purpose Dogs and Dual Purpose Dogs

Randy Police Dogs offers both Single Purpose Dogs and Dual Purpose Dogs. Single Purpose Dogs are dogs trained for one scent and/or task only. For example narcotics only. Dual Purpose Dogs are trained to perform in multiple areas. They might be good Protection Dogs and excellent Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD) at the same time.

Find a single scent amongst many others

Although Detection Dogs are trained to search and detect a single scent, the dog's nose can discern a wide array of odors at the same time. Even when the thing looking for is covered by multiple smells the dog will detect the scent it is trained to find. No matter how strong the surrounding odors a well-trained dog is a reliable source of information.

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