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K9 Dogs - K9 Protection Dogs

K9 Protection Dogs

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The best protection dogs in the world

K9 Protection Dogs are dogs who protect their handler. They will bite when the attacker gets too close or when the handler tells the dog to do so with a special command. And they are conditioned to bite in response to certain movements. Protection Dogs can be Malinois Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds and German Shepherds.

Randy Police Dogs - Excellent training Centre

Dogs sold by Randy Police Dogs are trained to perform all the necessary tasks needed to protect their handler. Dogs we sell bark easily and will bite civil, on a bite suit and an IPO sleeve. They all have a full bite and can handle pressure from the decoy. Plus, they are trained to continue when:

  • Hit by a stick
  • Agressively being shouted at
  • Strange objects are thrown at them
  • Etc.

Dutch Police Dogs trained the KNPV way

A lot of our K9 Protection Dogs are trained the KNPV way. According to the Koninklijke Nationale Politiehonden Vereniging (KNPV) standard. These are amongst the very best dogs in the world. The training method is highly advanced and the handlers are amongst the very best. These dogs are used all over the world. From China to the USA. They work at policedepartments and military bases in multiple countries. Whoever owns a Dutch KNPV Dog with a PH1 or a PH2 certificate knows that this dog has in deed special qualities not seen in any other dog.

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Randy Police Dogs - YOUR #1 PROVIDER

Randy Police Dogs is a Police Dog Centre located in the Netherlands. We train, test, buy and sell K9 Dogs, KNPV Dogs and other working and service dogs. We always have high quality dogs on stock. No matter what type of dog you are looking for we can provide you the perfect dog for your specific needs.