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K9 Dogs - Family Protection

Family Protection Dogs

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Social and highly protective at the same time

Dogs who are both social and highly protective are in high demand these days. It is a widespread fact nothing can beat the skills of a well-trained dog. They are particularly popular as a Family Protection Dog. A dog who is both social to the family, other animals and visiting childeren and will bite on command or when a strangers enters the place.

More than just a personal protection dog

By definition Family Protection Dogs should be a fit for the whole family. They are loving, fun companions. They are used to living indoors. Together with each and every member of the family. Whether a baby, young child, woman, man or elderly person. They should also be OK with pets. They are accessible to those most likely to be threatened and enjoy being around them.

Defending the right to be safe 

Randy Police Dogs' Family Protection Dogs will defend the right to be safe at all times. Anyone should be safe in their homes. Despite the high crime rate. Our dogs have been trained to protect at all times. They are a highly effective means to stop any threat. A Family Protection Dog is with you whenever law enforcement, alarms and firearms are not. They will protect you and your family 24/7.

Women are more likely to be crime victim

There is an undeniable disparity between the number of male and female crime victims. According to statistics from the Bureau of Justice, compared to men, women are more likely to be the victim of crime:

  • Over 4 times more likely to be raped
  • Twice as likely to be victims of serious bodily injury
  • 8 times more likely to be threatened with bodily harm
  • 3 times more likely to become victims of stalking 

Training both dog and family member

Statistics show that most female murder victims are killed by someone they know. Often times a spouse or a partner (or former spouse or partner). This is why both the dog and the women in the family need protection and special training. Randy Police Dogs teaches them how to handle the dog in case of emergency and will train the dog to make a distinction between right and wrong, so to speak.

Special attention to children

Children in particular need special attention when a Family Protection Dog enters the house. This is why Randy Police Dogs teaches childeren how to give commands to a protection dog. 

  • Most children will be taught to give obedience commands like sit, stay, follow only 
  • The dog can be trained something called "protective escape". The dog will bark at the threat and make sure it does not get close to the (child) handler who can then escape 
  • More mature children can be taught more advanced protection excercises e.g. with multiple attackers

How to find the right dog for your family

To ensure you will buy the right dog we have a thorough matching process. That way we can ensure your dog meets all expectations. From being an important part of the family and fitting in with your routine till defending them against potential threats. This is why we take the time to get to know you and your lifestyle inside out. From your routine around the house, the hiking trail you regularly pass and even your situation at work. The dog needs to be trusted by any member of the family in any situation.

How do we make sure the dog is friendly and safe?

Family Protetction Dogs should be 100% family-friendly and safe. This is why a dog from Randy Police Dogs:

  • Will undergo an extensive temperament test
  • Is selected on personality characteristics that match the family
  • Can be left alone with children without any risk

The dog will follow your lead even when you have never had a dog before. We will train both you and the dog until you have the best protection dog for your family. 

Feel free to contact us any time about Family Protection Dogs 

Randy Police Dogs - YOUR #1 PROVIDER

Randy Police Dogs is a Police Dog Centre located in the Netherlands. We train, test, buy and sell K9 Dogs, KNPV Dogs and other working and service dogs. We always have high quality dogs on stock. No matter what type of dog you are looking for we can provide you the perfect dog for your specific needs.