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K9 Dogs - Tracking Dogs

Tracking Dogs

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Dogs who follow a scent trail

Tracking Dogs are dogs who have been trained to follow a human scent. They can track a trail for a short distance up to multiple miles. Tracking has always been an essential skill for dogs to survive in the wild. It is part of their hunting skills and will help them track down potential prey.

When to use a Tracking Dog?

Singe Purpose Dogs with the ability to track are used in different situations:

  • As a police dog: Tracking down people, alive and dead, as a Search and Rescue Dog
  • As a police dog: Detecting Drugs
  • As a police dog: Detecting Explosives
  • As a police dog: Recovering evidence from a crime scene
  • As a police dog: In arson investigations
  • In hunting: To find animals shot down by hunters
  • In dog sport: In tracking trials using scent trails

Dogs with a highly sensitive olfactory system

Primarily, Tracking Dogs use their sense of smell to find and follow a track. These dogs have a highly sensitive olfactory system. Much more superior than the human system. They can easily discriminate between different human’s scents.

The history of Dogs with the ability to track

It is a well known fact that dogs have the ability to track. That they can follow a scent trail. Man has utilised this ability for centuries. Examples are:

  • Dogs who help a hunter find game and food
  • Dogs who hunt for exotica like truffles
  • Dogs who hunt criminals and enemy forces
  • Dogs who search and rescue to find lost people

What makes a good Tracking Dog?

Tracking is something that all dogs can do. It is a natural instinct for dogs to do this. It starts straight after birth when puppy's make their way to the mother's niple for a drink. Although they are born blind, they use their sense of smell to find it. Later in life a dog naturally tracks for food. Dogs don't need to be taught to track unless we want them to follow a specific track. Randy Police Dogs have all been tested and trained in accordance with the client's specific requirements. 

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